A screenshot showing the re-designd pack page prominently featuring base weight
Product Updates

Pack base weights, customizable pack printing, and other enhancements

Pack Base Weights

Trailpost was the first pack manager to distinguish between carried and worn quantities without duplicating items and, when we initially launched, the breakdown between carried and worn weight was our primary distinction. However, last week when we released per-item consumption rates it unlocked the most important number in pack planning, the Base Weight. In the update pushed today, base weight is now the primary metric for packs, along with worn, consumable, and total pack weight. Read More

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Product Updates

Announcing Consumables and Detailed Pack Stats

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with a lot of Trailposters about their experience using Trailpost, and what I can do to provide the best pack manager out there.

One of the most common questions was: “What about consumables?”

It was a fair question, and one I didn’t have a great answer for because I didn’t build them into the initial launch.

I spent the past week building this feature, and I am pretty confident you’ll love it. Read More