Last week I released a set of small updates to Trailpost based on feedback from the first round of beta testing. This week, I’m proud to announce a release that addresses one of the most common complaints about the early version of Trailpost: That it was a bit slow and tedious to build new packs one item at a time.

Introducing quick packing

Now, when you want to add items to a pack, instead of selecting a single item from your locker at a time, you can choose as many as you want. Even better, your packing quantities and categories will be pre-selected for you based on past packing lists thanks to Trailpost’s learning algorithms.

As your locker grows, planning new packs will now be faster than ever.

Understand how your locker items are packed

Now when managing your locker, you will be able to see how you have packed your gear at a glance. When viewing your locker items, the number of packs they are in displays in the list. Additionally, when editing a locker item, you can expand a panel above the form to view a list of the packs the piece of gear is used in along with the packed quantity and warnings if you have packed more than you own.

This addition will help you understand how changes to your locker, such as entering more accurate weights, will affect your collection of carefully planned packing lists.

A screenshot showing the new locker item editing form with the expanded packs panel

Easy sharing of packs

I have added a share button to the pack page in the header near the print view button. When clicked it will launch a dialog with the pack’s URL that you can copy and buttons that will direct you to share your packing list on various social communities.

A screenshot showing the social sharing popup dialog that is available on all pack pages

Other fixes and enhancements

  • The blue weight breakdown areas on the list of packs on a user’s profile are now clickable and direct you to the pack’s detail page
  • All forms now have a cancel button when appropriate
  • Certain forms now automatically focus your cursor into the first field speeding up data entry
  • Added more user interface interaction hints to allow you to understand better what you are clicking on, especially on mobile devices
  • I fixed a handful of cases where changes made would not correctly update the user interface in all places
  • I moved the pack item expansion button to the right side for consistency with behavior elsewhere in the application
  • Product links no longer display the domain name in lists which will prevent the layout from breaking on smaller screens

Wrapping up

I’m very proud of this round of updates, especially quick packing. These changes should drastically improve the efficiency of creating new packing lists and lay the groundwork for even more functionality in the future.

I hope you enjoy the updates and I’d love to hear your feedback.

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Daniel Pehrson is the founder of Trailpost and a guy lucky enough to combine his shared love of the outdoors and technology into a career.

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