Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with a lot of Trailposters about their experience using Trailpost, and what I can do to provide the best pack manager out there.

One of the most common questions was: “What about consumables?”

It was a fair question, and one I didn’t have a great answer for because I didn’t build them into the initial launch.

I spent the past week building this feature, and I am pretty confident you’ll love it.

Consumption Rates

Consumables are more than just a simple “yes” or “no,” they are a critical part of planning a successful adventure, and you need a system that knows you don’t use an entire gas canister at the same rate you eat your snack bars on a weekend trip.

Trailpost now lets you enter an exact consumption rate for each item in your pack by specifying how many you use every hour, day, week, or trip.

A screenshot showing consumable item indicators when viewing a packing list

When pack items are marked as consumable, they will be displayed with a trend icon and a quick explanation of their consumption rate

This level of detail lets Trailpost perform some fun number crunching and provide you with quick insights about the viability of your packing plan.

Want to know what day you run out of your first item? Need to know how many days you’ll make it before you run out of food? Trailpost provides a detailed analysis of your consumable items and can show you exactly how your consumables will run out over time and allowing you to adjust quantities and consumption rates until everything looks right.

A screenshot showing a chart and table of consumable items, their consumption rate, and information about when they will run out on a trip

The pack stats page provides clear insight into how your consumables will run out over time

This feature is now active on Trailpost, and you can get started by editing your consumable pack items, marking them as consumable, and setting their consumption rate. As you mark items as consumable, Trailpost’s algorithms will begin learning how quickly you go through these items, and will suggest those consumption rates when adding them to future packs, just like with quantities and categories.

A screenshot showing the "Add items" screen for a pack with consumable items

Trailpost’s algorithms learn how you consume your pack items and provide smart defaults when creating new packs

Dedicated Pack Statistics Page

Rather than trying to squeeze more charts and tables into a little sidebar of the same page where you view your packing list, every pack now has a dedicated stats page showing a detailed analysis of your pack data including:

  • An updated category breakdown pie chart that now shows carried/worn breakdowns in addition to the overall percentage of pack weight
  • A list of your ten heaviest pack items by either item weight, carried weight, worn weight, or total weight, and what percentage they contribute to your overall pack weight
  • A chart and table showing how your consumables get used day by day over the course of a trip
A screenshot showing the new, detailed category breakdown table and pie chart

The new category breakdown stats show exactly how each packing category contributes to your carried, worn, and total pack weight.

Get started with consumables and stats

I hope you’ll enjoy the new consumable functionality and the enhanced pack statistics page. If you’re already a Trailposter head over to your Trailpost account and get started setting up your consumables; otherwise join the Trailpost community and start planning your first adventure!

Posted by Dan

Daniel Pehrson is the founder of Trailpost and a guy lucky enough to combine his shared love of the outdoors and technology into a career.

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