Early on in Trailpost’s design process, I decided to use a fixed set of packing categories across all members’ packs. This decision came from a desire to provide consistency when doing shakedowns and helped get Trailpost out the door for testing a little quicker.

Over the past few months, many current and future Trailposters have expressed that while the shared set of community categories are pretty good, they aren’t great and fail to cover a wide range of activities and organization methods people use to plan their adventures.

As of today, in addition to the shared set of community categories you are familiar with, you can begin creating your custom packing categories when adding or editing your pack items. Everything else will work the same, sorting, searching, filtering, pack breakdowns, you’ll just now be able to organize your packs in the way that works best for you.

We still encourage Trailposters to use the community categories where appropriate, but now you can properly categorize the items your four-legged trail-buddy will be carrying or your climbing gear for a day on the rocks without waiting for me to expand the community category choices.

Over the next few months, I’ll keep an eye on the types of custom packing categories Trailposters create and decide which ones may be good candidates to be promoted to shared community categories.

I hope this makes Trailpost a better and more useful pack planning tool for everyone. Happy adventuring!

Posted by Dan

Daniel Pehrson is the founder of Trailpost and a guy lucky enough to combine his shared love of the outdoors and technology into a career.

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